Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In search of a good facial and eye cream!

I am still in search for a good moisturizer! To think that it would be easy to find one since there are so many brands on the market. Think again! I'm in my 20s and I'm having a very hard time finding a moisturizer that will not cause acne, make my face feel oily or dry. I have a combination skin, so I don't need any more oil on me! I tried so many products from over the counter to more expensive ones and so far nothing works. Many were too oily or they would cause breakouts.

As for the eye cream, it is even worst! So far, I have tested 6 eye creams and they were all oily, which created white bumps under my eyes. The skin under my eyes is dry, so I don't know why I get those white bumpy acne! I thought we have to moisturize that area in order not to prevent future wrinkles!

It's so frustrating not being able to find the right facial and eye creams. Well the search is still on. Hopefully I will discover one soon because I'm sick and tired of testing new products every 3-4 months. I feel like I'm a guinea pig or something...LOL I will keep you know posted when I find that miracle cream! In the near future, I will do a review on all the facial and eye moisturizers I've used. If you are experiencing the same problem.....joint the club-glad to have you on board! heee heee Feel free to leave any suggestions or thoughts.

Au revoir

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Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

the little white bumps you're describing that you're getting under your eye sounds like "milia". :) it's actually common to get milia in that area when you're using an eye cream that is too rich, or too much product at a time. :) maybe you could try using less product at a time. also i find that spritzing your face with water before applying moisturizer or eye cream helps keeping the skin moisturized because the water will add more moisture and the creams will help seal it in. :) I hope this helps. :D