Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In search of Perfect Skin!

Woo hooo my 1st blog! I'm so excited. Ok, let's get started!

There are 2 things that women are in constant search: perfect skin and being a size 0...and having great makeup look...alright 3 things LOL

Women at all ages long for beautiful and flawless skin. But everyone is not blessed with beautiful skin. Some has to work for it and others are born with clear skin. How to have the perfect skin and look good without makeup? It is possible, so there is still hope for many people who have skin problem! A good skincare regimen is the key for gorgeous skin. 4 easy steps:

1. Cleansing: Find a good cleanser for your skin type. Wash face daily morning and night with warm water to get rid of the excess sebum and dirt. Avoid scented soap because it can dries out the skin. Over-cleansing will only aggravate the problem and dry the skin. It will not remove oiliness and will only strip the skin of its natural balance, stimulating the oil glands to produce more oil.

2. Exfoliate: To remove dead skin, exfoliate once or twice per week depending on your skin type. If you have dry to normal skin, exfoliate once every week, combination to oily skin, twice a week. Microdermabrasion is great if you have acne. It will remove (lessen) scars (left my pimples), dark spots or sun-damage on the skin.

3. Toner: After cleaning your face, use a toner that is not abrasive, and will prep your skin for your moisturizer. It's very refreshing (especially in the morning, when we're still half asleep LOL) and removes all remaining traces of oil, makeup and dirt.

4. Moisturizer: It hydrates your skin. Choose a moisturizer depending on your skin type and your concern (sagging, large pores or uneven skin). Don't use too much cream since it can clog your pores and eventually causes acne. Choose a moisturizer that has an SPF or use a sunscreen on top of it. Eye cream will prevent future wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles as well as crows feet. The skin under the eyes is usually dry, so keep it hydrated. Retin-A is the ingredient found in moisturizers to prevent wrinkles and generate new skin cell

Try to reduce or quit smoking, drink 8 or more glasses of water everyday, sleep at least 8 hours (try even though our busy lives do not permit us this luxury of sleeping 8 hours), exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. Going to spas for a facial will also help achieve that youthful and clear skin.

You do not have to buy expensive products; as long as you buy them for your skin type (dry, normal, combination or oily). By following a good regimen, you will see a huge improvement on your skin. And you will be 1 step closer to have flawless skin!

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