Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Asian skin

What's Different About Asian Skin?

When we consider the topic of ethnic skin care, there is more too it than just considering color of the skin. Different ethnic groups have distinctive skin type characteristics, and these characteristics determine what kind of skin care routines will work best.

For example, , compared to other skin types, tends to be smoother, with a yellowish undertone. The pores may be less visible over the face, but tend to be larger on the cheeks and around the nose. As a result, Asians are often prone to acne in these areas. Asians are also prone to developing dark spots as they age, and their skin can benefit from exfoliation to reduce pore size and even out skin tone. Asian skin tends to scar more easily than other types of skin, and it is prone to hyperpigmentation under most kind of laser treatments.

skin tends to have the widest pigment range of all the skin types. Interestingly enough, Asian American women have oilier skin than Asian women who have recently immigrated- this is thought to be linked to greater amounts of fat in the American diet.
Asian skin is also very prone to irritation from preservatives in cosmetics and cleaners. Extra care should be taken when using mineral or mineral based products.
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