Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Prevent the Signs of Aging

As I mentioned before in my previous blog, I was surfing on the Iq Derma website. They address about all the skin problems that I'm concerned with. All women should learn how to prevent skin aging because it is an issue that affect our well-being as well as our self esteem. When it comes to aging skin, the best long-term prevention is leading a healthy lifestyle.

Minimize sun exposure:
A tan may look nice for a few days, but it causes damage that will last a lifetime in the form of premature aging (not to mention the increased risk of skin cancer). And, tanning beds are every bit as hurtful to your skin. If you want to bronze safely, use a self-tanning lotion.

Use sunscreen:
Sunscreen isn't just for the beach: your skin is exposed for hours every day during the course of normal activity. Those cell-destroying UVA and UVB rays are just as harmful when you're going from your car to the grocery store as when you're lounging in the sun. Even when the sky is completely overcast, the sun's rays can penetrate 70% to 80%. The only way to be safe is daily application of broad-spectrum SPF products like
Life Without Wrinkles with SPF 25.

Quench your skin's thirst:
Hydrated skin looks plump, firm, and healthy. Rule of thumb: Replace sugary sodas with water. Also look for products like
SkinTensive Daily Facelift Treatment, which contains ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen to hydrate skin and help strengthen its natural moisture barrier.

Easy on the eyes:
The skin around your eyes is thin and fragile. Tugging at it can break down vital elastin fibers, making it more prone to wrinkles, bags, and sagging. Look for products that will help firm and strengthen delicate eye skin such as Matrixyl 3000TM, a key ingredient in
RestorEyes Triple-Zone Eye Therapy and iDisguise Firming Eye Corrector.

Learn to read product labels:
Nothing does more damage than using the wrong products. Some skin care products are mostly filler and foam, which reduces their effectiveness. A high price tag does NOT guarantee result. Research the ingredients to make sure you're getting your money's worth.
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clinically proven ingredients in iQ Derma's line of advanced age-delaying skin care.

Eat Healthy:
A diet with plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables and the use of healthy oils (such as olive oil) may protect against oxidative stress in the skin.

Daily exercise keeps blood flowing, which brings oxygen to the skin. Oxygen is an important ingredient for healthy skin.

Quit Smoking!
Smoking not only increases wrinkles, but smokers have a 50% greater risk for squamous cell cancers than nonsmokers.

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