Thursday, May 29, 2008

7 invisible causes of aging skin

The 7 invisible causes of aging skin

As the iQ Derma website indicates, the skin is an organ that have many specialized cells and structures. As you age, changes take place within both the epidermis and dermis that can dramatically affect the appearance of your skin. The following are explanations of what is happening inside your skin as you age, or what iQ Derma researchers refer to as “the 7 invisible causes of aging skin”:

1) Reduced Cellular Activity
Your body does not regenerate new skin cells as quickly.
2) Free Radical Attack
Highly reactive particles within cells cause them to function poorly or die.
3) Collagen and Elastin Break-down
These are the structural proteins that keep skin firm and tight. Dermatologists estimate that you lose about 1% of your skin’s collagen every year after age 30. The production of new collagen also slows, resulting in thin skin and less elasticity. (See Fig.1 & Fig.2)
4) Fatty Tissue Buildup
This occurs under thinning skin around the eyes, causing puffiness and bags to form.
5) Cellular Deterioration
This process accelerates as we age due to prolonged exposure to the sun and environmental toxins. Old cells collect on the surface of the skin.
6) Weakened Capillaries
These minute blood vessels under the eyes leak small amounts of blood. The result is the appearance of dark under-eye circles. (See Fig. 3)
7) Degradation of the Skin’s Moisture Barrier
The result is drier skin as we age. Based on these 7 invisible causes of aging skin, iQ Derma researchers have determined that the 7 keys to delayed aging are:
1) Healthy cell activity
2) Reduction of free radical1
3) Synthesis of collagen & elastin
4) Reduced fatty tissue
5) Delayed cell deterioration
6) Strengthened capillaries
7) Improved moisture barrier function

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